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Composite recycling

Global environmental ambitions require vastly improved use of resources driven by green principles. It is therefore essential that recycling mechanisms are developed which fully reutilise waste materials in the most effective way, using the best available processes. Our particular focus currently is on recycling plastic materials. Our clean technology is a sustainable process that will recover products from plastic, and other waste streams, through a highly efficient thermal conversion.

Waste Plastic and Composite Packaging Treatment Process

As is universally evident, plastic waste is a huge threat to both sea and land environments.
In addition, the global demand for an alternative energy technology, owing to dwindling natural resources, together with the rising usage of plastic are the biggest factors creating major Plastic-to-Fuel market growth.
The need for a treatment technology that decreases landfill trash and turns this waste into sustainable fuel and exceeds environmental regulations is driven by the ever-increasing rise in the production of waste plastic.
There is therefore abundant raw material availability paired with low cost which is challenging the skills and resources of the waste treatment industry.

The global recycled plastics market is expected to reach $43.5 billion by 2026.

Our skills and technology are at the forefront of this market solution.

Tyre Recycling Process

Composite Recycling Ltd has developed the first commercially viable process for recycling whole tyres. The process uses molten zinc at 450 °C to recover pyrolysis oil and carbon black and steel in a sink-float separation.

Our tyre recycling process significantly reduces the capital and operating costs of an industrial scale plant compared to the traditionally used rotary kiln processes, which are uneconomical as the tyres need to be shredded prior to processing.

Moreover it takes less than 30 minutes to degrade a whole tyre. Our process uses whole tyres and is, as a result, economic.

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Reuse and recycle waste instead of traditional incineration or landfill. Our process starts with our expertise in R&D, proven on scalable pilot plants which ably exhibit its advantages to other competitor technologies.

Use of Upstream Technology

We use a wide variety of sorting technologies, to route material downstream for optimal processing and handling.

Recycle To Retain Value.

We recycle complex chemical derived materials that cannot be tackled through traditional processes.

Flexible Capability

“We can treat multiple composite wastes from Plastics to PCB’s”.


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